Team Timbers is a group of detectives who try to find out why The Wayne has a strange, spooky and weird phenomena. The current members of this group are Olly Timbers, Ansi Molina and Saraline Timbers. The founder and leader of the group is Olly Timbers.


Prior to the events of Rise and Shine Sleepyhead (pre-pilot), the team was not yet formed. Accordingly, Olly and Saraline's parents formed the group to find out why the Wayne At the end of Chapter 3, Team Timbers, as stated by Olly would be deemed.


Current members

Former members




  • The founder of Team Timbers is Olly and Saraline, although Olly took in charge.
  • The name is quite unfair, to many as Ansi is not a "Timber".
  • Leif was a member of Team Timbers, although he said that they were too "young" for him.
  • John Keats is officially a member at the end of Episode 1.
  • Jonah, Mr. & Mrs. Timbers were a part of the 1st Team Timbers.


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