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Sleepyhead is a mutant, shark-like creature residing in a lab in/under The Wayne. The Spy from Apartment 8I plans to use Sleepyhead in order to control The Wayne and achieve world domination. It is unknown how it was created, but it is shown that it increases in both size and strength through the consumption of Squidgets after they've ingested the Rainbow gas. It is also referenced to have been a dangerous asset in the past, as Masterson tells The Spy that "they shut this thing down years ago for a reason" Rise and Shine Sleepyhead.

Ansi, Olly and Saraline exploited its growth and consumption limit, seeming to have defeated it. However, it was later shown that the remnants of Sleepyhead could reform, leaving him still at large within The Wayne. He reappears in A Pair of Normas from Rainbow gas effects.






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