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Dennis O’Bannon is a supporting character in Welcome to the Wayne who made his first appearance in "Beeping the Binklemobile". He is an upper class tennis-playing rich kid who regularly bullies and teases Team Timbers for his own enjoyment. However, he later befriends them one it was discovered that Dennis had the ability to see Wayne Phenomena without suffering any repercussions.


Dennis is a lanky fair-skinned boy with long, voluminous yellow hair that reaches past his shoulders and a very pronounced nose. He wears a red tracksuit with white stripes and a yellow pocket that resembles a badge. Unlike most tracksuits, his has shorts rather than long pants. He also wears a white sweatband with a red stripe running through it on his head and red and white running shoes.


He seems to be very cocky and often brags.

Episode Appearances

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