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Ansi Molina is the main protagonist of Welcome to the Wayne. He is a new resident within The Wayne and is a member of Team Timbers.


Ansi is an insecure, reserved and a rather neurotic child. He is very sterilized and does not enjoy any form of physical contact. In addition, he is shown to occasionally douse his hands in hand sanitizer after touching something that could be contaminated. Ansi is also demonstrated to be a perfectionist, he owns LEGO esque building blocks called "Gleeco", and each model he owns are supposed to look "just like on the box".

Despite his orderliness, he has an adventurous spirit deep down, Ansi also mentions that he takes classes for kendo; a modern Japanese martial art in swordsmanship. He's presumably a very experienced student as he claims that his kendo class is "very low level".


Ansi is fairly tall and skinny. He has dark brown hair split into three lumps in front, has light brown skin with his nose and ears tinted in a more rosy-brown color. He wears a dodger blue suit jacket with two yellow buttons, a yellow badge and two thin yellow stripes on each end of his sleeves. He also wears dark-blue shorts, white trouser socks, and formal brown shoes.


Olly Timbers

Ansi is best friends with Olly, while they don't share the same interest(except in gleekos), they still manage to get along pretty well.

Saraline Timbers

Leif Bornewell

Wendell Wasserman

Jonah Bishop

The Spy




  • Ansi Molina is voiced by Alanna Ubach, a voice actress well known for playing as the lead character of a previous Nicktoon, Manny Rivera from El Tigre created by Jorge Gutiérrez.
  • In the end of "Rise and Shine Sleepyhead" episode, Ansi gets a golden card with his name on it, hinting Ansi has a bigger role in the series.
    • During the same episode, Saraline said to Ansi that ever since he moved to the Wayne, more weird and magical creatures began to appear, which means Ansi might have some connections to the Wayne, but it is still unknown.



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